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The Art Promise 

The Art Promise is our way of having a positive impact in our community. We will display the art of a talented artist each season. The artist's work will also be placed on our shirts and sold as a part of our inventory. A percentage of each sale will be given back to the artist as a scholarship for furthering studies towards their talent.    

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Meet Chelsea Miller

Chelsea Miller_edited.jpg

 Chelsea Miller was inspired to create this art piece named " Chelsea's World." This piece was given to her mother on her birthday in August of 2021 because her mother loves "color." 


       Chelsea is the youngest sibling of four sisters. Chelsea Miller began drawing in kindergarten. Her artwork has evolved over the past 10 years. She has created dozens of art, blending urban, country, black and white,  and "anime" styles. Chelsea believes that God inspires her artwork, therefore her artwork comes from God. Chelsea's artwork speaks truth and spirit to the mind and involves a variety of creativity. Chelsea's first gallery will appear in Port St. Lucie Florida in a few months.

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